With this article, we will not ask you to install another software or application. Nor will we ask you to use some extraordinary system for the session. 

At Plumm, we have always made sure that everyone should benefit from our services. Hence, to attend the live video session, below are the system requirements.

  1. For computers and laptops, the compatible operating systems (OS) are Microsoft Windows7, Windows10, MacOS X 10.13.4 and above,

  2. You can use any modern browser such as Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari. However, we strongly recommend you to use Google Chrome for the session. Following are the version requirements for each browser.

  • Google Chrome Ver. 70 and above

  • Mozilla Firefox Ver. 61 and above

  • iOS Safari Ver. 11.4 and above

Please note that we do not support Microsoft Edge browser and Linux Operating System.

3. Please ensure that you have high speed internet connection for the session. You may check your internet speed through any online speed testing tools. Your speed should be, 

  • For Download – 5mbps or greater 

  • For Upload – 2mbps or greater

4. Please ensure you have appropriate media settings. To check these settings, 

In your browser address bar, please click on 'Secure' and follow the below instructions.

Next to Camera, please click on 'Always allow on this site'
Next to Microphone please click on 'Always allow on this site'


5. In case you are using a Mobile phone/tablet, 

Please ensure your mobile phone/tablet fulfils the following requirement.

  • For Apple devices, please ensure your phone/iPad has its iOS version 11.4 or higher. You can always update your operating system to its latest version from your phone.

  • For android devices, please ensure your Android version is 5.0 or higher. You can check the same in your phone under setting>about>Android version.

  • We highly recommend using Google Chrome browser for the session. The browser should to be updated to its latest version for an optimum experience.

6. Even though you can use a mobile phone/tablet for the video session, we highly recommend you to use a laptop/desktop computer which is equipped with a webcam and a microphone for an optimum experience. You can test your camera, speaker and microphone on our platform any time before your session. Please refer to Testing your Device for more details.

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