As a practitioner, Healing Clouds provides you multiple opportunities to promotes your profile. We will give you your profile link which you can share in a number of ways. Please reach out to us in case you have not received your profile link yet.  
Below are some methods to promote your Healing Clouds practitioner profile.

  1. Keep rolling out emails to your friends, clients and acquaintances which include your profile link and other relevant content such as the the modalities you offer, the issues and illnesses you can heal, the stories of your clients and many more.

  2. Post your profile link along with a new relevant content every alternate day on social media.

  3. Stay in touch with all your clients (the ones you had on healing clouds and existing clients both) and keep asking them how they are feeling now? Or if they need another session?

  4. You can also ask your clients to recommend you to their family and friends.

  5. Share your profile link in all above cases.

  6. Lowering you hourly rates may also help you.

  7. A nice introduction video will always be helpful in attracting more clients. Please reach out to us through live chat or email us on if you have not yet added your introduction video.

Also, do not forget to read this article to know more about how Healing Clouds helps you with the effective marketing of your profile.

Marketing your Profile with Healing Clouds

Healing Clouds welcomes you and wishes you a very good luck for your healing journey.

Please feel free to contact us for further queries.

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