Yes, a practitioner can definitely sign up as a client. It is a best practice to use an email address other than the one they have used for their practitioner profile.    

We at Plumm certainly understand that sometimes our extremely skilled practitioners may also need healing simply to re-energize themselves and give a fresh start to everything. These are the following benefits of taking a session as a client for practitioners. 

  1. You get to understand other healing modalities and the techniques involved in it.

  2. You can experience how your clients exactly feel when they talk to you on Plumm. Accordingly, you can improve and your sessions.

  3. You get to learn new and amazing ideas of dealing with your clients and their issues which is an added advantage in your existing skills.

  4. You can share your feedback with us about our platform based on your experience as a client which will help us improve. 

Please feel free to ask us if you have any more queries.

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