Each practitioner registered on Plumm is certified and verified. We will need certificates for each of the modalities that you wish to offer on Plumm in order to build trust and confidence amongst clients.      

Please visit minimum qualifications for individual modalities for more details.

We understand that in some cases, you might not possess any of these certificates but are equally skilled as certified practitioners. However, in order to ensure the best quality services for clients and build a trustworthy platform, these certificates are mandatory to be submitted. There are numerous ways to obtain the certificates such as,

  1. In-person coaching.

  2. Online certification depending on the Modality.

  3. You may message and ask our practitioners and take their suggestions.

  4. You may even book sessions with our practitioners to discuss how and from where they had received their certificate of expertise. 

Feel free to reach to us in case you need any further assistance. 

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