In order to understand Hypnosis, consider these two scenarios.   

  1. You had a creative business idea in your mind and you were pretty determined about its success. However, suddenly you felt like it will not work after you took a couple of opinions from your friends, family or any random person.

  2. You went shopping and loved that dress but only because your friend said it will not look good on you, you discarded it. But after coming back home, you realized that it was silly to listen to that one opinion and not buy what you loved.

In both these scenarios ‘someone else’s opinion’ is the common reason, which has a psychological terminology as ‘Suggestion’. This suggestion does not really carry its literal meaning of ‘Recommendation or Opinion’ as per psychology. Its rather a message given to your sub conscious mind which has a strong impact on you and may or may not last longer depending on the intensity of the suggestion. One can easily understand how strong a suggestion could be in your decision-making abilities by above two scenarios. 

Hypnosis utilizes this ability of sub conscious mind to accept suggestions for constructive purposes. A positive suggestion is sent to your sub conscious mind about your issue or illness and as soon as the mind starts accepting this suggestion, your healing begins.

Hypnosis is completely natural and safe. It can help you,

  1. Quit smoking

  2. Quit drinking

  3. Weight loss

  4. Addiction

  5. Increases confidence and many more

Please refer to Hypnosis for more details. 

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