Once you have signed up on our platform, you have to complete your profile using these 4 simple steps. 

Step 1: My Profile

In this step, you will be asked to submit details about yourself.

Please note the following points while completing the first step.

  1. The size of your profile photo should not exceed 2 MB.

  2. When you enter the healing modalities you offer, please enter only those modalities for which you currently own a certificate. The modalities for which you are yet to get the certificates can be added anytime later along with their certificates.

  3. Please be sure your hourly charges are equal to or more than US$50.

Once you have entered all the details, please click on Submit.

Step 2: My Certificates

In this step you will have to upload the certificate for each modality you have entered in the previous step. 

Incase you do not see a separate upload box for any specific modality, please go back to "My profile" (Step 1) and check if you had added that modality or not. Once you add the modality and submit it, you will find the box to upload certificate for that modality. Read more about practitioner certification here

You can upload your certificates as an image or as a PDF file only. If you possess more than one certificate for a particular modality, please combine all of them in a single PDF and then upload it.

Step 3: My Availability

In this step, you will have to add your availability in terms of days and available time for each day.

  1. Time Scale: Decide how do you want to view the time slots for each day - 10 minute slot, 15 minutes slots, 20 minute slots or 30 minute slots.

  2. Session Threshold: You decide how soon can a client book a session with you. The default threshold will be 24 hours, but if you wish, you can change it to up to 1 hour; which will allow clients to book sessions or consultations with you just an hour in advance.

  3. Session Slots: Add the slots when you are available for your sessions with clients by clicking on each time segment. 

  4. Free Consultations: The Green slots that you see before and after each Session slot (blue ones) are the Free Consultation slots. Read more about Free consultation here

  5. Vacation Mode: You can also keep your profile on vacation mode for a specific date range if required.

After adding your availability, please click on Submit.

Step 4: My Packages

Your final step is to add your Packages for clients to book package deals with you for multiple sessions. You can decide the number of sessions and the percentage discount that you would like to offer for each type of package - Standard and Premium.

Once you have added your packages, please click on Submit.

After submitting your profile, please allow us up to 72 hours to review your profile and schedule your Assessment Session. The Assessment Session is your last step to be able to join Plumm and start connecting with clients globally.

Please reach out to us in case of any further queries through live chat. Or write to us at info@plummhealth.com

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