Recording a good podcast is a simple task, recording a great podcast needs skill! 😉

Here's your complete guide to record a great podcast that will connect with audiences at all levels. 


  1. Topic - We will propose to you the topic relevant to your profile and experience. On mutual agreement, we finalise it prior to your podcast.

  2. Questions - Along with the topic, you will receive a set of questions that you can expect to be asked in your podcast 

  3. Schedule - We will send you a link where you can book your 45-minute slot for the podcast

  4. Your Surrounding/Room - You need to ensure that you are seated in a room, where you have absolutely no background noise or white noise. You may want to test a few options for the best sound quality before the scheduled day and time.

  5. Your Device - Please use a microphone and headset for your podcast. Test the device using Skype's call testing service.

  6. Medium to Connect - You will be contacted on Skype for the interview. This will be an audio recording only. Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection for your call.


  1. Introduction - The first 10 minutes shall be dedicated to your introduction - about you and your practice, your credentials, and your experience.

  2. Discussing the Topic - In this segment, we will discuss the topic for the podcast. More on the lines of description, root cause and impacts.

  3. Your Viewpoint - Here's where you will shed more light on the topic in your opinion based on your experience. You may discuss a case study or give advice or suggestions that will help your listeners to connect with the topic.

  4. Closing - We will close the segment with your view about Plumm as a platform and how you feel this will add value to clients globally. 

  5. Call-to-Action - Here's where we ask clients to connect with you on Plumm and start their healing and wellness journey with you.

Important Points to Remember

  1. Know what you’re going to talk about and prepare well for it

  2. Think about What is Most Beneficial to Your Audience

  3. Don’t try to rush through the interview

  4. Make it interesting for the listeners by including anecdotes or unique tips for them

  5. Smile through the interview! Let your audience 'hear' your smile in your conversation! 😊

Hope this helps!

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