Go to https://plummhealth.com.  

Click on “Login”, then login as a Therapist 

You will then be taken to your Plumm Dashboard, Click on “Wallet” 

Once you click on “Wallet” you will be taken to the next page, there you will see your billing details along with your transactions history; on the far right of Stripe ID, just above payable balance, you will see shrouded in blue “connect with stripe”;  

Click on “Connect with Stripe” and you will be taken to the Stripe page, if you already have an account with Stripe, then sign in, if not then follow the steps outlined to create your Stripe account. 






After completing this section, click  “Authorise access to this account”, you will be taken back to plummhealth.com.

You will be able to see on your “Wallet”, that you are now connected to Stripe; and all your future payments will be made through Stripe. 

For more info about using Stripe, please feel free to reach out on live chat.

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