Your ratings and reviews help other clients know our therapists better.

There are two simple steps to rate your session and write a review for your therapist. 

Do not immediately close your browser after the session because as soon as your session ends, a pop-up window for rating and review will appear on your screen.    

You also have the option to submit your review and rating anonymously. Simply click on the checkbox after giving the desired ratings and writing the review, then click on submit. Your Review will be posted anonymously.  

If you have closed your browser or have logged out of your account before the pop-up window appeared; then go back to Plumm and log in to your account. The pop-up window will appear once again. 

Once you see the pop-up window, please click on the desired number of stars to rate your session and in the blank field below write a review. After writing the review please click on ‘Submit’, and the rating and review will be immediately published on your therapist’s profile. 

In case you didn't get any pop-up window after few minutes of ending the session, please send your rating and review through email at; we shall get it published on your therapist’s profile within 24 hours.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us on live chat.

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