Hello, from the Plumm team! 👋🏼

We hope that you are enjoying our platform so far, and again, welcome to the Plumm family!

We have received a couple of queries regarding our platform, here are some FAQs addressed below:

1. What is meant by my Premium therapy package? 📦

Once you have completed the psychometric questions and have been matched with a therapist, you will be shown a Premium package that includes up to four sessions per month.

All sessions are covered by the company and there is no payment required. If your therapist feels that you do not need more sessions, you are not obliged to use them. The sessions in your plan are indicative and you may discuss this with your therapist.

2. How do I get matched with a therapist speaking my mother tongue? 🗣

Currently, our psychometric questionnaire does not have the option to choose the language of the therapist. However, within the next few weeks, this will be updated to include a language filtering system. For now, please reach out to customer service via live chat to be matched with a therapist who speaks your mother tongue.

3. Can I have chat therapy in Portuguese? 🇵🇹

Currently, chat therapy is available in English only. However, a Portuguese chat therapist will be available to you within the next two weeks. Keep a lookout for this notification coming soon!

Hope this helps. If you need any assistance, please reach out to our Live Chat!

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